Environmental Policy

Planned Environmental Services Group Limited has adopted policies, procedures and process which endeavour to minimise the potential damage to the environment. The Managing Director of the Company has resolved, where possible, to use products and work methods which minimise risk to employees and clients in addition to limiting emissions and waste. Specifically, we aim to manage our direct business impacts by:

  • Ensuring that all staff are aware of this policy and their own responsibilities within it.
  • Minimise resources used, particularly energy.
  • Promoting waste minimisation and recycling.
  • Considering the conservation of energy in the design phase of projects.
  • Safe and controlled disposal of contaminated waste.
  • Promoting good environmental practice amongst suppliers and using suppliers wherever possible that have a form and commitment to environmental management.
  • Using products where possible that are manufactured from sustainable or recycled resources.

Planned Environmental Services Group Limited is continually working with energy related services and this is an integral part of the company’s evaluation and design approach, this includes implementing energy conservation measures in dynamic systems as well as the installation where possible of microprocessor controlled energy management systems.