Orsett Hall


Orsett Hall

Services Provided

  • - Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  • - Data Services
  • - Domestic Water Services
  • - Electrical Rewiring
  • - Lighting Installation
  • - Service and Maintenance Contract

PES had been requested to fit out a new building for Orsett Hall which would be the new Destination for the Swimming pool, Spa and additional hotel rooms. Working closely with the builder, we were asked to install: air conditioning and ventilation, Domestic water services and drainage, Lighting, Power within hotel rooms, data and TV, Access Control.

We were issued drawings from the architect which we able to could calculate the required heating and cooling throughout the rooms. From the first issued drawings right through to the final product, the site teams were able to create the perfect environment for a modern, stylish hotel

Due to the existing hotel building still being in operation for accommodation and weddings we were asked to avoid drilling and creating noise at certain times, we also had to run a tight schedule on waste management due to a busy car park and plan access for our deliveries to site to avoid disruption to the clients of the hotel.